YouTube crossed by default on HTML5-video player

YouTubeGoogle has announced the transition to display video sharing YouTube videos using HTML5-player, built using the tag “video”. By default, HTML5-enabled player now for browsers Chrome, IE 11, Safari 8 and beta releases of Firefox.

At the same time announced the transfer into the category of outdated methods of embedding YouTube-content on the page using blocks of the object and Flash API. To embed a video, use only iframe API.

HTML5-player was introduced five years ago, as an alternative to the player based on Flash technology. While HTML5-player could not compete with the code Flash, since it could provide some important features such as adaptive bit rate change depending on the quality of the communication channel. Over five years, HTML5 technology received sufficient support and development to push Flash into the background. Moreover, support for HTML5 enabled the display of content on the devices for which available Flash, such as smart TVs and mobile systems. Continue reading


Next year Microsoft will release a new Windows 9


Next year Microsoft will release a new generation of Windows desktop operating system.

It is expected that Microsoft announces a new product at the conference Build-2014. Paul Thurrott, blogger and journalist, who writes about Microsoft, has learned about the software giant’s plans.

A new version of Windows, codenamed “Threshold”, was first reported in early December 2013. The name was borrowed from the game Halo. However, Thurrott noted that Windows 9 will likely be the final name for the new OS. It is interesting that the software giant has decided to stop using the number 8 in the name of the next operating system.

According to Paul Thurrott, release of Windows 9 will be in April 2015. But before that three pre-release versions will be available for the testers. The names of each version (Beta, Release Candidate, etc.) are still unknown. Continue reading

Intel announces new Xeon E5 server processors

Intel logoIntel has announced the next generation server processor Xeon E5 v2, designed to work in the mainstream servers. New items are developing original series processors Xeon E5, released about two years ago. New versions of processors based on the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture and can dynamically adapt to the cloud , supercomputing or DBMS – load.

The new processors E5 v2 become the flagship chips in mass line Intel Xeon. The corporation said that although E5- 2600 v2 and saved numbering are based not on the core Sandy Bridge, and switched to a more advanced architecture Ivy Bridge. Thanks to this new processors have up to 12 cores, up to 30 MB of cache memory and the consumption of 60 to 130 watts per chip.

Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Datacenter and Connected Systems Group, said that today’s servers need to be flexible and ready to varying load – cloud , analytical or working with databases, so the heart of these servers must be flexible. The new processors, in addition to the traditional functional , have built-in networking features and functions of storage , which can also dynamically adapt. Continue reading

Tizen will be the primary operating system of Samsung

TizenSamsung Electronics has ambitious plans for the open source operating system Tizen and will make great efforts to ensure that Tizen it has become central to the company’s mobile gadgets, while the dependence on Google Android company would like to reduce. In an interview with CNET Korea, – said Samsung’s J.K. Shin.

According to him, the system for Samsung Tizen – it is something more than a “home” or a forced draft alternative Android. He noted that while Tizen is optimized for smartphones and tablets, but in the end, this OS can be applied for use in a wide variety of electronic devices, up to the car. CEO Samsung Electronics said that now in the electronic industry has historically unprecedented convergence, where one application can run on your phone and on the TV and on the car.

“Today’s consumers perceive convergence, as a matter of course. Convergence between devices – this is one of the strengths of Samsung in the market. We have many devices that can work with each other,” – says Shin. Continue reading

Microsoft has released the beta version of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7

Internet ExplorerMicrosoft has released the beta version of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7, the assembly browser is equivalent to the one that was previously placed in the preview version of Windows 8.1.

Internet Explorer 11 brings more opportunities to accelerate content by means of video graphics adapters. The new browser can handle GPU processors as three-dimensional graphics WebGL, and conventional texts, offloading the CPU computer. IE11 also includes support for the new DRM-specifications that are moving experts World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Previously, support for DRM has been implemented in the browser Google Chrome.

In addition, Internet Explorer 11 development tools completely revised F12. Tools for debugging and development in IE become closer to what is MS Visual Studio. Here there was a profiler that can monitor GPU load and memory consumption. Also, the profiler can “pause” certain moments HTML-rendering to understand where it is a mistake, or a comparison of performance of a script. Continue reading

Intel authorized to use of the Core Haswell chips without cooling fans

Intel logo************************************************************************

Intel continues to reduce the amount of power its microprocessors, offering solutions to accommodate the increasingly thin and light devices.

Today chipmaker announced that the company will introduce new members of the family of Intel Core chips 4th generation (Haswell) are in operation consumes only 4.5 watts. At Intel, it is called Scenario Design Power.

In June of this year, Intel reported that its most low-power Haswell processors consume 6 watts. Now the company says that more improved ratings consumption and reduced power consumption, saving computational power at the same level.

The corporation said that with the norm of consumption of 4.5 watts, the new processors can operate without any cooling fans, that is, they can easily be used in tablets and smartphones. At the same time, there is all the advantages of “grow-up” chips – 64-bit technology, support for large memory, support for x86-multimedia instructions. However, despite the portability, the new chips at first did not appear in tablets and ultrathin laptops preloaded with Windows 8.1. Continue reading

Upgrading Windows 8.1 Preview is not available for Windows Vista and XP


Windows 8

Released last week, the new preview version of Windows 8.1 has received general approval, and Microsoft is getting ready to release the official release of the operating system by October 2013.

From official sources it became known that XP or Vista users will not be able to migrate to Windows 8.1.

Despite the release of a successful version of Windows 8.1 Preview, Windows XP, is still very much in demand among users, although the statistics of the last month and showed a small decline in its popularity.

Despite the efforts of Microsoft to make XP users abandoned the old system, this version of the Windows operating system is the second most popular in the world – about 37% of the market. However, XP no longer support all the updates since April 2013, and if there is a desire to move to a new platform, you must first become a member of “Seven” or Windows 8. This also applies to Vista. XP fans are hoping that these changes in the policy Microsoft does not entail a complete rejection of the technology. Continue reading

The release of the operating system Fedora 19

Fedora 19************************************************************************************

Developers of the open source operating system Fedora today announced the release of the nineteenth stable version of the OS.

Fedora 19 OS Schrodinger’s Cat is now available for download on the project site and, like its predecessor, Fedora 18, came just in time. System developers say that in version 19 they have made changes in almost all directions: from virtualization to the introduction of new application development tools.

“Fedora 19 includes the latest innovations from the world of Linux, improve performance, stability, flexibility and usability of the operating system in this age of online services and information,” according to the official statement of the developers.

Recall that the system is Fedora community-distribution generated using at Red Hat. Fedora-based tests are many new items that were later included in the commercial version of the operating system RHEL. Unlike RHEL, Fedora system is free to use, but it does not have a corporate technical support. Continue reading

Database Oracle 12c is now available for download

Database Oracle 12c

As the official website of the corporation Oracle, a long-awaited database is already available for download.

Oracle 12c provides new features that allow a single Oracle database instance to bear the many other databases. This provides a more efficient use of system resources, and simplifies management.

Oracle claims that the above new feature 12c, called Pluggable Databases (“Block’s database”) helps to ensure multiarendnost for cloud applications.

SaaS-vendors (SaaS, Software as a Service, Software as a service) is usually used multiarendnost at the application level, where many customers interact together with one copy of the SOFTWARE, while their personal information is kept separately. Continue reading

Prestigio releases a smartphone based on Intel Atom


MultiPhone 5430Today Prestigio, a manufacturer of mobile devices, consumer electronics and accessories, will introduce new smartphone MultiPhone 5430 based chips Intel.

“MultiPhone 5430 is focused on the growing group of customers budget smartphone from Central and Eastern Europe who want to get a phone that meets their requirements for speed and performance,” – the company said.

The telephone will be available in retail stores across Eastern Europe, including shops, “El Dorado” in Russian, «COMFY» in Ukraine, “5th Element” in Belarus, «Media Markt» in Poland and «Handy» in Serbia.

It is equipped with Intel Atom Z2420 processor technology Intel Hyper-Threading, which allows you to overclock to 1.2 GHz. The smartphone runs on OS Android, has a 4.3-inch screen and supports FM-radio. The smartphone also supports the Intel XMM 6265 modem for transmitting data over HSPA and support for international roaming.