Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.1 – a new version of the popular ‘cloud’ anti-virus


Panda cloud anti-virusThe company Panda Security, a leading manufacturer of defense against Internet threats, announced a new version of its flagship product – Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.1, a powerful anti-virus application was created on the basis of cloud computing technology.

According to the developers, the product of Panda Cloud Antivirus has learned to quickly identify and successfully neutralize the threats associated with the use of little-known vulnerabilities in installed PC applications (such as Java, Adobe, MS Office, etc.). A typical example of such malicious programs are known viruses or Blackhole Redkit. An innovative technique based on the built-in mechanisms of behavioral analysis and does not imply the availability of information about the virus in embedded databases. This means that the program can identify new varieties of malware threats before they are discovered and studied by experts in the field of information security

Developers have reported significantly increased the performance of the product and announce several other interesting improvements, such as an updated user interface and protection programs, store-bought Windows 8 Store, in real time.

Version of Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.1 will be available via automatic delivery of updates, and users will receive it in the next few days. However, if for some reason the update was not received on time, you can manually download the product and install it over version 2.0.

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